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  • Dr. Alessandro Gianolio
    Dr. Alessandro Gianolio

    Dr. Alessandro Gianolio
    Private practice devoted exclusively to Orthodontics
    Degree in Dentistry, University of Messina in 1999.
    Specialist in Orthodontics at the University of Cagliari – 2007.
    Graduated from Specialization in Orthodontics Interceptive, University of Parma, in 2000.
    Graduated from Specialization in Orthodontics and Periodontics, University of Florence, in 2001.
    Graduated from Tweed Foundation for Orthodontic Research.
    The Tweed Course – Tucson – AZ (USA) 3rd -14 April 2005.
    Author of publications in the field of orthodontics at both National and International.
    Speaker at National and International Conferences. 2007-2012.
    Instructor at the School of Specialization in Orthodontics University of Cagliari Since 2009 Instructor of Master II level.
    Interceptive Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry – University of Pisa.
    Co-Founder of Gruppo di Studio Leaf Expander® (Leone Ortodonzia srl).
    Active member of SIDO (Società Italiana di Ortodonzia).
    Active member of SIOI (Società Italiana di Odontoiatria Infantile).
    Active member of DDS (Digital Dentistry Society).
    Active member of ANDI (Associazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani).








leone Webinar – Leaf Expander: The bioprogressive maxillary expansion in early treatment

Introduction to the webinar

The transverse deficit of the upper jaw is a very frequent component of malocclusions, both dental and skeletal, generally accompanied by posterior crossbite and/or crowding of the upper arch.

The possibility of achieving expansion of the maxillary bone bases decreases with increasing age. It follows the need for an accurate early diagnostic evaluation that allows to classify the patients according to the type of maxillary defect that characterizes them and to apply the most appropriate clinical protocols.

Many devices for maxillary expansion have been created, differing in technical and biomechanical characteristics, in the amount of expansion that can be obtained and in the type of modifications produced (orthodontic – orthopaedic – mixed). All the techniques have in common the application of forces that act in the vestibular sense on the abutment teeth, determining morphological reactions in relation with three factors:

  • a) Age of the patient (developmental age or growth)
  • b) Type of force applied (light = orthodontic or heavy = orthopaedic)
  • c) Time of application of the force (continuous – discontinuous)

In recent times, our attention has focused on the mode of action and on the clinical effectiveness of the Leaf Expander.
The Leaf Expander® (LE) is an orthodontic device, designed and built to measure individually, which allows for the expansion of the maxilla, mainly through dentoalveolar remodeling, with light and continuous forces, predetermined by intensity, direction, with predictable displacement (Lanteri C., Lanteri V., Gianolio A., Beretta M., Cherchi C., Franchi L., A new way for no compliance palatal expansion: e Leaf Expander Journ Clin Orthod 2016).

Webinar program

  • Technical characteristics of the product
  • Leaf Expander 6 mm protocol
  • Leaf Expander 9 mm protocol
  • Clinical cases



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